Monday, June 13, 2011


What I have been making lately:
Darling little baby blankets from upcycled 100% cashmere sweaters. So soft and sweet,
and adorned with needle-felted hedgehogs, mushrooms, acorns, and flowers.

Why upcycle wool sweaters? Because I am not a great knitter, BUT I love wool fiber,
and sweater material is not sold by the yard. SO.... I make an eco-choice: I take old
sweaters, felt them by washing them in a hot water bath, and then I re-purpose them:
I cut them up, up, and up, and then I sew, sew, and sew the pieces into new creations.

Must be my persnickety-ness, but I love to cut cashmere squares for patchwork!

Needle-felted Hedgie close-up...


  1. I love the bunny blanket! Beautiful work.

  2. What does the needlefelting look like at the back? Is it messy?


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